Around Devra

There is a lot that you can do when you are around Devra. Bicycling tours to nearby areas, yoga and meditation classes on the terrace are big hits amongst the patrons who visit Devra. Major Durga Das being a keen bird watcher himself will gladly take you for birdwatching sessions while his wife Jyoti Jasol can take you on a culinary tour with her heritage cooking demonstration sessions. They would love to give you company for your morning walks as well and guess what! Your fur baby will also get companies there with pets of Devra. A typical day at Devra will start with chirping birds and mellow warm sunlight knocking at your door. The fresh air will sweep you away while you take a sip of your morning beverage watching your pet(s) playing in delight in the open land.


The food in Devra is a prime attraction as you get not only tasty and appetizing food but also they use organic vegetables from their own farms. They believe in a farm to land concept which allows you to eat fresh fruits, vegetables and spices, free from any toxic chemicals. You will get to witness and eat authentic Rajasthani cuisine made with love and supervised by Jyoti Jasol herself. Apart from Rajasthani cuisine, they also have a variety of north Indian dishes and can also customize your food as per your taste and requirement. The kitchen regulars like pasta, noodles and sandwiches are also available on request. The most amazing aspect of the culinary life at Devra is that every element you find there including the spices are mostly processed by the locals and at the property itself. The food here will transport you to the history and its influences on Rajasthani Cuisine and narrate to you the story of how they are produced.

Art, Craft & Community

Major Durga Das and his wife Jyoti Jasol have not only opened their doors to the travelers across the globe but also opened an avenue for employment and empowerment for the local village women who you will often see at work during your stay at this homestay in Udaipur. They have also managed to build the electricity supply completely from solar power taking a foot forward towards sustainable hospitality and reducing carbon foot print. You will find a lot of local artisans nearby making arts and crafts which are very indigenous to the place and you can support them by buying those and carrying a souvenir back with you for yourself or your loved ones.

Explore Udaipur

Known as the ‘Venice of the East’, Udaipur is also known as the ‘the City of Lakes’ for the various water bodies and lakes embedded in its picturesque city line embroidered on the scenic view of the Aravalli hills. While the lakes bring in serenity, the palaces bring in the majesty to this city filled with warm culture and spectacular hospitality. Due to this, Udaipur is not only popular as a tourist destination in India but is one of the most frequented tourism spots globally. Whether you are planning a solo trip, a trip with your friends, a romantic trip with your partner or planning your wedding here, Udaipur has you covered with its colorful ambience, respectful culture and delicious food.